WSOP November Nine Set

november-nine-wsop-2015Day 7 of the WSOP Main Event started with 27 hopefuls trying to bag a place at this year’s “Novemeber Nine” final table. That final table has now been set, with Day 4’s chip leader, Joe McKeehen back on top with an enormous chip lead over the rest of the field. Perhaps the biggest news of the day, however, was the demise of the immensely popular Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu who agonisingly fell in 11th place – the same place he finished in 2001’s Main Event.

Negreanu started the day in 9th place, and quickly jumped a couple of places within the opening minutes of the day’s play. However, from then on, he struggled to gain any real traction. It looked like he was going out prior to the dinner break as he stack fell to around 2m but a pre-dinner double up and some opportunistic play post-dinner seemed to be elevating the Canadian 6 time bracelet winner towards safety as he rose to the 10m chip mark, and into the safety zone.

It wasn’t to be for the PokerStars Team Pro, however, as the increasing blinds and antes, combined with the runaway success of Joe McKeehen ended Negreanu’s dream in 11th spot as he got his last c.7m chips in good with A 4 on an Ad Kc 10d flop against McKeehen’s Jd 3d. The 3h gave McKeehen an additional out, but the Qh on the river gave the chip-leader a broadway straight, sending a devastated Negrenu to the rail.

The unfortunate November Nine “bubble boy” was Alexander Turyansky who bowed out in 10th when once again the unstoppable Joe McKeehen scooped a big pot after he called Turyansky’s 8.8m pre-flop shove. McKeehen’s QQ was ahead of his opponent’s AK and a dry board sent the German player packing with a nice consolation prize of over $750k for his 10th place finish.

The final table will now be postponed until November 8th and the line-up includes one WSOP bracelet winner in Max Steinberg, who sits in 5th place with 20.2m chips and the oldest ever November Niner in 72 year old Pierre Neuville who will start in 4th place on 21.1m chips.

However, they’ll all have a long way to go to catch McKeehen who, with 63.1m chips, has considerably more than double his nearest rival (Zvi Stern with 29.8m), In particular 9th placed Federico Butteroni (6.2m) and 8th placed Patrick Chan (6.225m) will have their work cut out to get much further. All nine, however, are guaranteed a minimum of $1m for reaching the final table.

WSOP 2015 Main Event November Nine – Chip Counts
1 Joseph McKeehen USA 63.1m
2 Zvi Stern Israel 29.8m
3 Neil Blumenfield USA 22m
4 Pierre Neuville Belgium 21.1m
5 Max Steinberg USA 20.2m
6 Thomas Cannuli USA 12.25m
7 Josh Beckley USA 11.8m
8 Patrick Chan USA 6.225m
9 Federico Butteroni Italy 6.2m

The UKIPT Makes A Return To Bristol After Two Years Away

UKIPT BRISTOLAfter a summer vacation in Marbella, The PokerStars UK and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) returns to Britain for four days of high-octane poker in Bristol’s Harbourside from 6th-9th August. The nation’s poker professionals and enthusiasts will call the Rainbow Casino home as they compete for the top prizes at one of the nation’s favourite poker destinations.

Since its birth in 2009, the UKIPT has handed out over £18m in prize pool winnings and contestants in Bristol will be looking to enjoy another slice of the rewards as poker takes over the city once again this summer.

The fourth stop of the UKIPT looks set to offer four days of action-packed highlight events at the Rainbow Casino from 6th-9th August. This includes the Main Event (buy in £700 + £70), a chance to compete against the best players poker has to offer including Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody and The £300 + £30 Bristol Cup (one entry per flight allowed), which will provide players the chance to claim local glory and finally the £2,000 + £200* High Roller event (one entry per flight allowed).

Irishman Marc MacDonnell Misses Out On Bracelet After Great Performance

MARCThe final table was determined in just 12 hours on Day 1, and Day 2 commenced at 1 p.m. on Monday. Things took just 48 hands to wrap up, hyper hold’em at it’s best. When the dust had settled, Minnesota pro John Reading emerged as the speed demon, claiming $252,068 and his first gold WSOP bracelet. It was Event #6: $1,000 Hyper Hold’em.

Poker pro John Reading is celebrating his first WSOP bracelet after defeating Irishman Marc MacDonnell heads up to take victory in the $1,000 Hyperturbo event.

Chip leader at the start of the day, Harrison Beach managed to keep in the running almost till the end, finally exiting in third place. Reading will take home $252,068 for the win, but Beach came very close to a six figure score with his $98,623 in winnings.

Final Table Results

1 John Reading $252,068
2 Marc MacDonnell $155,876
3 Harrison Beach $98,623
4 Aleksandr Gofman $71,586
5 Matt Woodward $52,807
6 Robert Suer $39,547
7 Kenneth Johnson $30,048
8 Ryan Julius $23,133
9 Wayne Boyd $18,041

Giovanni Canali Wins UKIPT Series At First Attempt

UKIPTmini_London_May2015_MickeyMay_66514-thumb-450x300-263544Giovanni Canali, an Italian MD working in telecommunications has become the latest UK and Ireland Poker Tour Series champion in his first ever appearance on the tour. He saw off tough final table competition from the likes of UKIPT regular Dahe Liu, two PokerStars qualifiers – Lee Hanlon and Kevin Belvedere – and of course his resilient heads up opponent Otto Castle, on the way to winning the trophy and £12,820 first prize.

The second UKIPT Series of Season 5 has run from the 29th-31st May, attracting 250 total entrants from 30 countries into the £250 + £25 event at The Hippodrome Casino.

Two starting flights had left just 61 players in contention for a share of the £60,625 prizepool on Day 2, and today’s action continued unabated as chips flew between the big stacks.

A pivotal early hand saw Day 1a’s overnight chip leader Jerome O’Shea battle Day 1b’s leader Jonathan Bridges for a 700,000 chip pot. Preflop war was declared between Bridges (with A-K) and O’Shea, whose well-timed aces saw him recapture a comfortable chip lead which he held through the bubble period and on to the final table, while Bridges had to settle for 26th place and £595.

The bubble burst when sole surviving PokerStars LIVE! at The Hippodrome Casino-sponsored player Mike Lee found his stack so short that it was do or die with 2-3 offsuit. Unfortunately for him, it was the latter and the 31 remaining players had locked up at least £535 for their efforts over the weekend.

As usual at the UKIPT Series, the level following the bubble saw a swift fall in player numbers, and the final table was set in just over three hours, with the 9th place finish of Sandra “Jaz” Reid (£1,310).

The final table line-up:

Seat 1: Otto Castle, United Kingdom – 709,000
Seat 2: Jerome O’Shea, United Kingdom – 572,000
Seat 3: Dahe Liu, China – 1,014,000
Seat 4: Kevin Belvedere, Italy (PokerStars Qualifier) – 534,000
Seat 5: Giovanni Canali, Italy – 659,000
Seat 6: Ryan Reece, United Kingdom – 241,000
Seat 7: Alexis Savvides, Cyprus – 748,000
Seat 8: Lee Hanlon, United Kingdom – 481,000

Final table action was unpredictable. From the initial spot of poor luck for physics student Kevin Belvedere (his pocket eights failing to eliminate Ryan Reece who’d shoved with K-5 suited), to the cracking of Canali’s aces by Lee Hanlon with pocket fours, the chips moved where the deck told them. Belvedere finished 8th for £1,580, while semi-pro (but new to the live game) Hanlon wasn’t far off (6th for £2,960).

Between them finished Jerome O’Shea, possibly a little disappointed after that dominating Day 1a and early chip boost. Sales coordinator O’Shea originally took up poker as a smoking-cessation aid, but has added £2,165 to his $70,000 in live winnings here at The Hippodrome Casino.

As play became short-handed, London-based Cypriot Alexis Savvides became a thorn in the side of the remaining contenders. In taking the last of O’Shea’s stack, he took the chip lead from Liu and left the start-of-final leader in dire shape after making the most of a highly disguised two-pair.

Liu busted in 4th place (£4,940), after first seeing off short-stacked Ryan Reece in 5th (£3,900), his cash one of several on the UKIPT in the last few years. Reece, on the other hand, is another recent convert to live tournaments, playing his first UKIPT Series this weekend to profitable effect.

Three-handed, the chip lead had switched yet again, this time to Canali, who was to maintain it to the end. Savvides fell to the now-dominant Italian, with a trademark giggle and bit of table chat. He asked Canali if he had anything, was told, “Huge – I never lie,” and then moved in with pocket sevens only to find himself up against tens. These held, and Savvides had to content himself with 3rd place and £6,090.

Heads up, Canali held more than a 3:1 chip lead, although it took him most of a level to finally get Castle all-in. Canali wasn’t ahead when it happened, though, his suited J-9 taking on Castle’s dominating A-9 of spades. A jack on the flop spelled the end of Castle’s run (he picked up the runner-up prize of £8,630) and handed the win, and £12,820 to his opponent.

Canali had taken his bad and good luck with equanimity throughout, saying “I’m easy going – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. They are called flip-coins for a reason.”

“I’m ecstatic, really happy,” he said of his win. “It hasn’t sunk in yet – I’ll struggle to sleep tonight!”

Greek Online Qualifier Loannis Triantafyllakis Has Won The 2105 Irish Open

irish open winnerGreek online qualifier Ioannis Triantafyllakis has won the 2105 Irish Open and €209,500, plus a bonus €50,000 for becoming the PaddyPower Poker Sole Survivor, outlasting 107 other qualifiers – along with everyone else.

The €3,200 + €300 Irish Open Main Event attracted 321 entrants, generating a prizepool of €1,027,200 which was distributed (unevenly, of course) to the top 36 finishers. This year saw side event action crowned with the €1,000 Liam Flood Memorial Tournament, which was won by Garrett Boyle for €25,000. There were six side events in total, including a €300 Mini version of the Main Event, which was won by Mahmood Rasheed for €13,133.

This being the Irish Open, there were also sumo-suit battles, flips for drinks, a zebra on the rail and a spicy dusting of controversy to top off a week of the craic the like of which hasn’t been seen since this time last year.

A who’s who of Irish poker descended on the Hilton Doubletree (née Burlington) over the Easter weekend (April 3rd-6th). Making the final table today meant outmanoeuvring the likes of Simon Deadman (16th for €9,750), Steve O’Dwyer (15th for €12,500), and Tom Kitt (9th for €20,500). Just to finish in the money involved nearly three days of navigating the shark-infested waters of the Main Event, past Mike Sexton, Dan Harrington, Daragh Davey, Sean Prendiville, Jude Ainsworth and Dave Masters.

The final table featured players from five countries, including respected local lad and UKIPT Dublin winner Kevin Killeen and Declan Connolly, making an incredible third appearance at an Irish Open final; it was led at the start of the day by two-time WSOP finalist and all around Irish poker legend Donnacha O’Dea.

Andreas Gann may have spent the least amount of time on the feature table (finishing 8th for €26,750), but his exit has undoubtedly been the most talked-about hand of the entire tournament. Playing out of position against O’Dea with Kd-Qd, he flopped the nuts on an 8d-Ad-6d board when O’Dea’s Ac-6c guaranteed him a payoff. Instead of snap-calling when O’Dea set him in, there ensued a tank of over a minute, which qualifies this as Slowroll of the Year. The deck brought Gann’s karma full circle, however, with a full house-completing 6h on the river which sent the crowd, staunch supporters of both tournament etiquette and the O’Dea poker clan, into a frenzy. The clip of this slowroll can be found on Player Ireland homepage.

Next out was Norwegian Baard Dahl (7th for €35,250), a victim of his stack size and some unlucky timing running Ks-Jc into Killeen’s pocket aces. Killeen used his stack boost to begin mixing it up against the two most active players on the (now short-handed) final: Michael Wang and Ioannis Triantafyllakis, the latter soon to become a comfortable chip leader after busting Fergal Cawley in 6th place (€46,500). Cawley had played a fearless Day 2, but he didn’t have the stack to work the same magic on the final.

O’Dea, the man splitting the Dublin-heavy crowd’s cheering loyalties with Killeen, hit the rail in 5th place. Short stacked for a while, he found a hand – Ah-9d – with which to make a stand against Triantafyllakis. Unfortunately, the chip leader had A-K this time around, and O’Dea adds €61,850 to his mile-long list of lifetime tournament cashes.

A tournament break five-handed seemed to bring the stars (or at least the deck) into alignment for Killeen, as in back to back hands he picked up pocket queens and busted an opponent. Victim one was prolific – and successful – Irish tournament player Connolly, who probably felt more at home playing on the feature final table (with hole cards broadcast with an hour delay) than anyone, seeing as he’d done it before in 2010 and 2013. Even for a seasoned player like Connolly, finishing 4th must have rankled because although he picked up a hefty €82,750, his exit made Triantafyllakis the Sole Survivor.

Victim two was American Michael Wang, who had impressed on Day 2 with his relentless preflop aggression when playing down to the final table, although Killeen back then had been the recipient of one or two of his chips. Now he got the lot, his second pair of queens crushing Wang’s Qs-Jc. He took home €111,750.

Suddenly Killeen and Triantafyllakis found themselves heads up, and quickly came to a chop arrangement – €192,500 for Killeen and €197,500 for Triantafyllakis, with €12,000 and the coveted trophy left to play for. Soon Triantafyllakis built a 2:1 chip lead, which he parlayed into the victory after around a level and a half. A mid-stages comeback by Killeen never put him back into the lead, his final hand all-in with As-2c vs. the stack-dominant Triantafyllakis with Qs-Td. It was a swift and clinical end for local hero Killeen – a queen in the door left him drawing thin, and it was soon over. Nearly €200,000 for a weekend’s work is probably some consolation.

Triantafyllakis looked delighted after his win, telling Laura Cornelius that this was his first big event in Ireland. He was especially keen on the Sole Survivor package, saying, “This promotion from PaddyPower Poker is very good – I’ve never seen this before. Very exciting! “

Commenting on his win, he said, “OK – I was a little bit lucky – but luck is important in poker! Everyone [on the final] was very good. I will come next year, the people here are very nice. Very polite.”

Full final table payouts:
1: Ioannis Triantafyllakis,Greece – € 209,500
2: Kevin Killeen, Ireland – € 192,500
3: Donnacha O’Dea, Ireland – € 111,750
4: Michael Wang, USA – € 82,750
5: Declan Connolly, Ireland – € 61,850
6: Fergal Cawley, Ireland – € 46,500
7: Baard Dahl, Norway – € 35,250
8: Andreas Gann, Germany – € 26,750

The 2015 PaddyPower Poker Irish Open Final Table

Irish open final tableThe final table is set at the 2015 PaddyPower Poker Irish Open, and when play resumes at noon tomorrow, Irish poker legend Donnacha O’Dea will be in the lead on just over 2 million chips.

Winner of one WSOP bracelet and veteran of countless final tables, as well as the father of recent WSOP finalist Eoghan O’Dea, O’Dea is making his first Irish Open final table appearance. Also still in the running is Declan Connolly (playing his third Irish Open final), UKIPT winner Kevin Killeen and EPT finalist Baard Dahl.

Declan Connolly and Ioannis Triantafyllakis are also battling it out privately for another prize – as the last two players standing in the PaddyPower Poker Sole Survivor promotion, there is an extra added €50,000 incentive for them to stay in the tournament as long as possible.

The €3,200 + €200 NLH Main Event is taking place April 3-7 at the Doubletree by Hilton Burlington Road hotel. A total of 321 entries generated a prize pool of €1,027,000. Participants included Mike Sexton, Jake Cody, Kara Scott, Dan Harrington and former champions Neil Channing, Marty Smyth, Niall Smyth, Patrick Clarke and Ian Simpson. Thirty-six places paid out, and the eventual winner will take home €250,000.

Steve O’Dwyer, by far the winningest player in the field with well over €9 million in live tournament earningswas in the lead at the start of Day 3, but things did not go entirely his way – he eventually took home €12,500 for 15th place. Other notable players who made it into the money but did not progress to the final table included Keith “The Camel” Hawkins (23rd place), Simon Deadman (16th), and people’s favourites Feargal Nealon (18th place) and Tom Kitt (outflipped on the final table bubble for 9th place). The unluckiest player of the day was Peter Barrable – he lost a coinflip with pocket fours against Giacomo Fundaro’s A-Q on the money bubble and was the last player to leave the tournament with nothing to show for it.

Tomorrow’s final promises to be one of the best in recent memory, and viewers at home can watch the entire affair, with hole cards, on a 30 minute delay via our live stream. The PaddyPower Poker blog will also be recording all the action for posterity. Play kicks off at noon, and the live stream will begin at 12.30.

Final table line up:
Seat 1: Declan Connolly – 1,050,000
Seat 2: Donnacha O’Dea – 2,010,000
Seat 3: Kevin Killeen – 1,280,000
Seat 4: Michael Wang – 1,215,000
Seat 5: Andreas Gann – 485,000
Seat 6: Baard Dahl – 962,000
Seat 7: Fergal Cawley – 655,000
Seat 8: Ioannis Triantafyllakis – 1,898,000

Still to play for:

1 – €250,000
2 – €152,000
3 – €111,750
4 – €82,750
5 – €61,850
6 – €46,500
7 – €32,250
8 – €26,750

Elsewhere, the Liam Flood Memorial event concluded today. The €1,000 + €125 NLH side event was won by Garrett Boyle for €25,000 after a heads up battle with Padraic O’Luana. 2008 Irish Open Main Event champion Neil Channing took third place. The side events continue tomorrow with Day 2 of the €300 + €35 Irish Open Mini, and the €125 + €25 + €20 NLH Scalps event at 2pm. You can find the full festival schedule here.

Main Event payouts so far:

9th – Tom Kitt – €20,500

10th – Pavlos Xanthopoulos – €15,700

11th -Andreas Leledakis – €15,700
12th – Pavel Chalupka – €15,700

13th – Chris Dowling – €12,500

14th – James McManus – €12,500

15th – Steve O’Dwyer – €12,500

16th – Simon Deadman – €9,750

17th – Boris Fragin – €9,750

18th – Fergal Nealon – €9,750

19th – Alexander Beck – €7,750

20th – John Hughes – €7,750

21st – Ronan Gilligan – €7,750

22nd – Daniel Tighe – €7,750

23rd – Keith Hawkins – €7,750

24th – Declan Baker – €7,750

25th – Giacomo Fundaro – €7,750

26th – Phillip Huxley – €7,750

27th – Niko Koop – €7,750

28th – Hugh Parker – €6,250

29th – Kamal Singh – €6,250

30th – Herman Campmans – €6,250

31st – Con Collins – €6,250

32nd – Tim Davie – €6,250

33rd – Martyn Frey -€6,250

34th – Henry McGrath – €6,250

35th – Jamie Daly – €6,250

36th – Peter Murphy – €6,250

Steve O’Dwyer Seizes Chip Lead After Day 2 Of The Irish Open

irish-open-2015-day-2-steve-odwyer-2Day 2 of the €3,200 + €300 PaddyPower Poker Irish Open Main Event is in the bag, and so are 598,000 chips for the new chip leader Steve O’Dwyer. He’s not “new” in the sense that being well-stacked in major events is especially novel for a man with over $9 million in tournament winnings, but he’s overtaken prior leaders such as 2013 Irish Open champion Ian Simpson and early front-runner Carol Nichols (both now out).

To bag the €250,000 first prize, however, he’ll have to outlast the other 55 Day 2 survivors; to make the money he just needs to hit the top 36. A field of 321 here in Dublin’s Doubletree by Hilton (Burlington to the old school) generated a total prizepool of €1,027,200 and tomorrow slices of the money pie will start to be distributed.

Others well-positioned for a deep run include Pavel Chalupka (390,000), Feargal Nealon (381,500 – also a Sole Survivor candidate), Kevin Killeen (366,500), and Simon Deadman (278,000). Tomorrow’s field will also be enlivened by the Day 2 survival of Rupert Elder (102,500), Donnacha O’Dea (77,500), Jude Ainsworth (262,000) and Dave Masters (111,000), although it will lack Day 2 bustees such as Jake Cody, Andy Black and Dale Philip.

There are still 14 PaddyPower Poker online qualifiers left in the field, all vying to be the one true Sole Survivor – outlasting the others brings a bonus €50,000 on top of any tournament winnings. This might be incentive enough for them to keep off the beer pong tables tonight, but it didn’t seem to keep many away from sumo-suit wrestling yesterday.

In terms of actual poker side events, today saw the commencement of the €1,000 + €125 Liam Flood Memorial tournament, which is still ongoing with 18 out of 94 players remaining, as is the €200 + €25 Turbo Win the Button event. Tomorrow sees the start of the two-day Irish Open Mini, which at €300 + €35 does exactly what it promises, bringing 30 minute levels and a 15,000 starting stack to ex-Main Event players and newcomers alike.

Irish Open Update – Day 1

ee4c0af36bA total of 321 runners made up the field for Day 1 of the €3,200 + €300 buy-in 2015 PaddyPower Poker Irish Open Main Event today, generating a prize pool of €1,027,200. At the end of play, 2013 champion Ian Simpson topped the chip counts on 143,425. We only have 235 players left going into Day 2.

The grand ballroom at the Doubletree by Hilton Burlington Road, universally known simply as the Burlington, was packed with such luminaries as Dan Harrington, Jake Cody, Mike Sexton and former Irish Open champions Ian Simpson, Neil Channing and Patrick Clarke, as well as PaddyPower Poker Madchester festival winner Shah Athar, who won his seat to this event as part of his prize package.

Among the field were also 108 online qualifiers from Paddypower, who were automatically included in PaddyPower Poker’s Sole Survivor promotion. The last of them remaining in the tournament will win €50,000 on top of any tournament winnings.

Chip leader Ian Simpson, who took down this event in 2013 for €265,000 before dramatically proposing to his girlfriend at the final table, is in the lead going into Day 2. Simpson is being railed this weekend by his aforementioned girlfriend, as well as his soon to be in-laws. He is also an online qualifier and therefore eligible for the Sole Survivor promotion and a shot at that extra €50,000 on top of anything he might win this week.

In second place behind Simpson on 122,200 is EPT winner Rupert Elder; EPT Grand Final champion Steve O’Dwyer is in third place on 111,975. Other notable players still in the running include Jake Cody, Andy Black and father and son team Donnacha and Eoghan O’Dea.

Irish Open 2015

Irish_OpenThe Irish Poker Open may not get quite as much buzz as the upcoming World Series of Poker (WSOP), but the venerable old poker tournament that starts today should probably get a bit more respect, given its history.

Let’s face it: even non-poker players have heard of the WSOP, and know how much prestige comes with winning a gold bracelet, especially in the Main Event. Casual poker fans know about the World Poker Tour (WPT) and the European Poker Tour (EPT), while those more serious about the game might be able to talk about any number of regional tours and festivals.

That seems to leave the Irish Poker Open gasping for attention. While you might not know much about the tournament (which has now grown into a small festival with several events), it actually holds a rather important place in poker history.

It’s the longest continuously running annual poker event in Europe, having been run every year since 1980, when Colette Doherty won the first-ever edition of the tournament (she went on to win it again in 1991).

Worldwide, only the WSOP has a longer streak, making the Irish Poker Open one of the most-esteemed poker events still running today.

Today, the tournament has become bigger and more prestigious than ever. Now known as the Paddy Power Poker Irish Open, the tournament series begins today and runs through April 6 at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Dublin.

The Main Event, which lasts for four days, has a €3,500 ($3,800) buy-in and tends to attract the best players from Ireland and the United Kingdom, along with a smattering of strong pros from around the world. The entries today have been tallied (321), the numbers have been crunched, and this year’s Irish Open has generated a total €1,027,200 prize pool, which will in the fullness of time be distributed in the following amounts to the final 36 players:

1 – €250,000
2 – €152,000
3 – €111,750
4 – €82,750
5 – €61,850
6 – €46,500
7 – €32,250
8 – €26,750
9 – €20,500
10-12 – €15,700
13-15 – €12,500
16-18 – €9,750
19-27 – €7,750
28-36 – €6,250

This year’s edition of the Irish Open includes a number of interesting events. On April 4, the two-day Liam Flood Memorial begins. This €1,125 ($1,330) tournament is dedicated to the memorial of Flood, who is one of the biggest legends in Irish poker history.

Flood won the Irish Poker Open in 1990 and 1996, and also had a second-place finish in 1984. A constant fixture on invitational poker contests like the Poker Million, Flood earned over $1.1 million in live tournament cashes over the course of his career. Flood passed away on August 16, 2014 at the age of 71.

Chris Yong Wins £10,986 And UKIPT5 Series 1 Title

UKIPTMINI_Lon_2015_MickeyMay_59328Day 2 of the UKIPT5 Series1 has played to a winner and it is Chris Yong who claimed dominion over his fellow players by blitzing his way to the title in quicksmart fashion here at The Hippodrome Casino.

“Well I feel great!” he said with a beaming smile following his win.

When it got Four-handed Chris Yong turned up the heat, raising virtually every hand and winning a very high percentage of these as he steam-rolled the table.

Hitchens was one man to suffer greatly at the hands of Yong and it was no surprise when Yong administered the final blow to his chances as Hitchens crashed out 4th to finish up with £3,105.

Three-handed, Joseph Pateman and Chris Yong held a healthy advantage over third-placed Richard Paul and he couldn’t find a way to turn this around, his final offering a fine-looking squeeze that was unfortunate to run into a craftily-played pair of aces in Pateman’s hands.

Third place beckoned for Paul, who collected £4,305 and that left Pateman and Yong to contend the title.

After hammering out a variance-crushing deal, the pair played on for £1,800 and the trophy and although Pateman briefly threatened to turn round the 2-1 deficit at the start of heads-up, Yong was not to be denied.

A kings versus tens cooler was enough to ensure Yong would be left clutching the trophy to add to his recent golden run, which also included a 5th place finish at UKIPT London.

“I have a 100% final table record here!” he was unsurprisingly keen to emphasise following the win.

Here’s how the final table payouts finished up:

1st Chris Yong, Malaysia £10,986
2nd Joseph Pateman, United Kingdom £7,819
3rd RIchard Paul, United Kingdom £4,305
4th Mark Hitchens, United Kingdom £3,105
5th Jesus Castro, Spain £2,320
6th Richard Heron,, Ireland £1,745
7th Gabriel Gusetoiu, Romania £1,260
8th Richard Brabin, United Kingdom £1,025

This win ensures we will see Yong partake in the upcoming UKIPT Nottingham April 12th-19th, the main event guaranteed at a jaw-dropping £1 million.